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Tom Vance:

Using decades of experience and hundreds of connections to find the perfect sports horse for you.

Whatever kind of horse you wish to acquire Tom Vance is an expert at finding one that fits your criteria perfectly.

He has his own pedigree: over 30 internationally-renowned horses produced or found and many more successful national winners. Tom’s role as an agent requires him to match horses to owners and know that the partnership will achieve the objectives and his is widely regarded as one of the best in the business.

Christina & Johan AF Ugglas

“Tom has a unique intuition about horses. It’s probably because he grew up around them, and has spent a lifetime riding, training and buying them. He just knows a great horse.”

How does he do it?

Tom believes it’s a mix of having the right connections, having a reputation for integrity, having the necessary knowledge and experience and having an extra, indefinable gut-feel.

He has an uncanny ability to identify at a glance, horses with the right temperament, soundness, willingness to work and technique. He is a personal shopper for quality horses.

His network of trusted contacts covers the UK and Ireland, Belgium and Holland, France, Germany, Sweden and beyond, he has had a lifetime of working with top horses.

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Tom can also advice on:

  • Vetting

  • Transportation

  • Transfers

  • Accommodation

  • Paperwork

  • Administration

Demand is currently particularly high from US buyers seeking high potential and proven performance horses.
Tom’s buyers come from all four corners of the world, drawn to his ability for excellence and value.

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A catalogue of success

There simply isn’t enough room on this site to list all the quality horses Tom Vance has acquired on behalf of his clients, but here are just a few examples:

  • Rudetski, for Mandy Hall ridden by John and Robert Whittaker

  • Highland Flight, Gold Medalist, European Pony Championships

  • Coolronan, Irish Army Equitation School

  • Back Again, Lutz Merkel

  • Hydrascreen, Svante Johansson

  • Masada, Ulrika Bidegård

  • Lady Willpower, Graziano Mancinelli

All enquiries welcomed

Tom is very much hands-on, both in terms of the livestock acquisition, but also in the consultation needed to ensure a successful outcome. So if you require a horse, discussing it with Tom at an early stage can save you time and money, and many buyers have benefitted from his constructive suggestions and guidance.

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