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Tom Vance Coaching Academy

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The Tom Vance Coaching Academy: your passport to a level of riding excellence you never believed achievable.

Whether you’re at the start of your competitive riding life, or have already achieved a measure of success, the Tom Vance Coaching Academy will elevate your capability beyond anything you dreamed possible.

So tell us your target, we’ll get you there. Anything really is possible, so reach for the stars. Set your sights on an Olympic Gold Medal, if anyone can help you get there, it is Tom Vance.

Jo Clifford

"I first met Tom at a show in 2013, i had just fallen off! I wasn’t having help at the time and showjumping really wasn’t going well for me! I asked Tom to give me a hand so he came the following week to give me a lesson. For the first time I had found a trainer that explained showjumping in a simplified way! Tom has drastically changed how I ride, how I think and how my horses go! Tom is very supportive and genuinely wants his pupils to do well! I could not recommend him enough!"

The Tom Vance Coaching Method

Tom’s philosophy has always been encapsulated by the phrase: ‘Jumping Better By Doing Less’ and his approach has helped hundreds of riders to improve their performance beyond their own aspirations.

Tom brings several decades of riding and competition experience together and delivers coaching in his inimitable warm, patient and friendly manner. He has been described as ‘professional and understated’ by those who know him best.

He understands riders’ fears and challenges more than most and bases his mantra on getting the basics right and instilling confidence.

“You have to start with the correct body position, getting your lower leg position just right. After that, much of it is about practice, focus and belief,” says Tom.

Tom is available for one-to-one lessons at your location and holds clinics in England, Ireland and Sweden. Please get in touch to find out the latest dates and venues.

Tom Vance Equestrian Academy

Tom Vance’s Coaching Credentials

Tom has been a coach for over 25 years, and has an enviable track record for success:

  • Tom coached the Abu Dhabi equestrian team to be the Number 1 team in the prestigious United Arab Emirates rankings.

  • Tom coached Ulrika Bidegård and Anna Lindberg to International equestrian success.

  • Tom was trained by legendary Hungarian coach Bertalan de Némethy, who coached the American show jumping team, and Swedish-British master Lars Sederholm the former consultant head of training to the British Equestrian Association.

  • Tom was himself an International rider, representing Ireland for more than a decade all over the world, during which time he won numerous competitions and accolades, and notably beat the great Eddie Macken and Boomerang in the Fiat Grand Prix.

“Tell Me What You Want To Achieve, And I’ll Get You There”

Tom is a great believer in the power of focused dedication, so if you have an ambition to win a local competition, or want to ride in the next Olympic Games, speak to Tom Vance.

Tom is based in Radlett, Hertfordshire, and usually coaches in and around London and the Northern Home Counties: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire, but he is happy to travel further afield for special assignments.

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