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Tom Vance

About Tom

"Tom Vance is widely regarded as being one of the best judges of a horse, with an uncanny eye and feel."

Peter Charles – MBE
Gold Medalist London

invaluable experience

When knowledgeable people in the equestrian world hear the name Tom Vance, it evokes feelings of respect, admiration and probably a wry smile.

Professionally they know that any dealings with Tom will be conducted in an efficient, effective and speedy manner and that the end result will probably exceed any expectations.

But they also know that Tom will do all this with a glint in his eye that hints at the charm, humour and warmth that his friends, clients, suppliers and colleagues have come to recognise as his true signature.

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A lifetime on and around horses

Tom was born into a world of horses, just north of Dublin, Ireland.

By the age of three, he was already winning rosettes, and his childhood was punctuated by regular hunting, showjumping and cross country events, winning the coveted individual tile at the All Ireland Pony Club Championships.

Having read law at Trinity College, he couldn’t wait to get back to his first love, and he opened his own competition livery yard specialising in showjumping.

Having the opportunity to ride so many different horses gave Tom invaluable experience and instilled in him the insights and intuition that form the basis of his work to this day.

International success

Tom then embarked on a distinguished career as an international rider, representing Ireland for more than a decade all over the world, during which time he won numerous competitions and accolades, and notably beat the great Eddie Macken and Boomerang in the Fiat Grand Prix.

Training and coaching

Tom’s wish to give back to the sport that had given him so much prompted him to concentrate on training and coaching in the 1990s.

Tom was fortunate to have been trained by legendary Hungarian coach Bertalan de Némethy, who coached the American show jumping team, and Swedish-British master Lars Sederholm the former consultant head of training to the British Equestrian Association.

Since then, Tom has forged a reputation as one the industries most respected and reliable operators, and he has helped numerous riders to achieve notable success, including the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Team, which Tom coached to be the Number 1 team in the prestigious United Arab Emirates rankings, and Ulrika Bidegård and Anna Lindberg, who Tom coached to International equestrian success.

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Sourcing and acquisition of horses

Alongside his training and coaching activities, Tom Vance has also been increasingly in demand as a buyer, seller and agent for top quality horses. He has been responsible for finding horses for buyers and breeders around the world, including the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

The horses Tom acquired using his research, contacts and knowledge of the market and of the specific requirements of every buyer have led to countless success stories.

Now based in Hertfordshire, just north of London. Tom has his own Equestrian Coaching Academy and a global network of contacts.

To talk to Tom about any aspect of rider coaching or horse sourcing.

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