Tom Vance

Former Irish International Showjumper
Showjumping Coach and Horse Agent

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Welcome to Tom Vance Equestrian

Showjumping Coach and Horse Agent in Hertfordshire

Where serious riders become great riders, and we find top quality horses for clients around the world.

Tom Vance has spent a lifetime with horses: riding them, caring for them, buying and selling them. His expertise is now available to you, whether you want to go from a competitive rider to a seriously successful rider, or whether you want to acquire a horse that will enable you to fulfil your dreams.

Tom is an exceptional equestrian coach and an intuitive horse buyer who has proved his credentials time and time again. Now it’s your turn to benefit from his expertise…

Tom Vance Equestrian Academy


Whether you’re at the start of your competitive riding life, or have already achieved a measure of success, the Tom Vance Coaching Academy will elevate your capability beyond anything you dreamed possible.

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Whatever kind of horse you wish to acquire, Tom Vance is an expert at finding one that fits your criteria perfectly.

Tom Vance


The horses Tom acquired, using his research, contacts and knowledge of the market and of the specific requirements of every buyer, have led to countless success stories.

Simon Toulson-Clarke

Tom Vance is the (jumping) coach I recommend first to anyone who asks me. Put simply, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about it whether you are a relative beginner or an advanced rider. Not only is he a fantastic judge of a horse, but Tom’s unerring ability to identify the fundamental techniques, then work on them in the right order and in the right way is second to none. His unusual skill as a coach is the product of a great eye, many years of experience and a whole lot of patience.

Stephen Hendry

Kent Horse Producers I have worked with Tom over a number of years and found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Tom has a good way about him, makes things happen and it’s always good to do business with him.

Mark Blackett

Since Tom took over the coaching of my daughter, I have seen a marked improvement in both the horse and my daughter. She is a much better rider, therefore more confident in her own ability. Tom has successfully dealt with a few issues we had with the horse. Without Toms experience, input and knowledge of horse and rider, they would not be in the confident position they are now in. My daughter and I trust Tom completely and I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like coaching.

Laura Beth Jones

Having trained in both the UK and the US with some very well known trainers, I’ve still yet to meet and train with someone who is as passionate and effective as Tom Vance. He’s given me confidence where I lacked and worked on the finer details and the bad habits that other trainers haven’t focused on. I feel like a much more confident and accurate rider now that Tom is my trainer and will continue to train with him. I believe he can guide me towards things I never thought I was capable of.

Jo Clifford

I first met Tom at a show in 2013, i had just fallen off! I wasn’t having help at the time and showjumping really wasn’t going well for me! I asked Tom to give me a hand so he came the following week to give me a lesson. For the first time I had found a trainer that explained showjumping in a simplified way! Tom has drastically changed how I ride, how I think and how my horses go! Tom is very supportive and genuinely wants his pupils to do well! I could not recommend him enough!

Rose Emberton

Tom has helped me with my flat work and jumping for several years, giving me a much greater insight into developing the horses natural technique. When I decided to look around for another horse I asked Tom if he could find me a suitable one. I wanted a horse that would be a good Novice|Elementary test also jump the smaller BSJA tracks. Tom found me Passion and she fits the bill perfectly, having good paces and a good jumping technique with plenty of scope and a super temperament. Toms lessons are hard work but are great fun and very rewarding.

Sally Baker

Tom is an inspirational teacher. Since I began having lessons with him my riding has improved immensely, but more importantly so has my confidence. His knowledge and understanding of horses and riding are second to none. He is unerringly patient, encouraging and calm and has a gift of being able to explain fairly complex issues and concepts in an easy and understandable way. Consequently, I have learnt more with Tom than I have with anyone else, for a long time. On top of that he has a wicked sense of humour and lessons with him are great fun. Both I am my horse have benefited from Toms experience and instruction and I would follow him anywhere in order to continue having him as my trainer.

Cian and Fergal Harrison

Tom Vance sourced Gretta for us and helped us with the trial. We had her for two and a half years. Gretta has competed on 148 Irish pony teams, she has won and been placed in all the premier shows in Ireland and has had wins at international shows such as Hagen and Fontainebleau at 1.30 level. I would highly recommend Tom and his judgement and I look forward to working with Tom again.

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